A message from Bishop Daniel Beaudoin from the NW Ohio Synod:

Synod Wide Read through the Bible in One Year. I want to encourage and challenge you to join with the rest of the Northwestern Ohio Synod and read through the entire Bible in One Year. Back in 2004 and 2012, the parishes I was serving read through the Bible in One Year as a community spiritual practice. Scripture is meant to be read in community, so please don’t do this alone.


Between now and December 31, 2019, I want to invite you to form a number of small groups in your parish, who will gather weekly, 2x a month, or monthly (it’s really up to you), and commit to doing this spiritual practice together. If you do it alone, you’re going to get halfway into Leviticus, give up, and get mad at me. Don’t do that. Read together. Reflect together. Learn together. It is the best way. And I promise that when you do this together, it will change the conversation and the culture of your parish.


During my weekly e-mails, I will be offering teachings and tips that focus on the Daily Bible Reading Schedule. I plan to join you in 2019 as we Read through the Bible in One Year.


Click on the right for the 2019 Year of Scripture Daily Bible Reading Schedule. It is available in both Word and PDF format.


I look forward to reading, reflecting, studying, and walking with you through 2019, the Year of Scripture.

This will open in google drive within your web browser. Download the file to you computer or device for editing.