Kaylee Cochrane (left) and Abbey Hunsaker (right) pictured riding in Walter Paxson's train during the Lafayette Memorial Day parade May 31, 2010.


MAY 29, 2017 

Zion Lutheran will be entering a float in the Lafayette Memorial Day parade this year, May 29, 2017 in celebration of our 175th Anniversary.  The theme of our float will be our original church roots so we are using an “old time” setting. Jim Long is donating a wagon and will be pulling the float with a vintage tractor. We want the float to look like the interior of one of our old original church buildings. We would like to have several old church pews and we already have an old time lectern.

We need members of the congregation to ride on the float in costume. We already have an “old time” preacher lined up. We will also need members to walk beside the float to pass out goodies on the parade route (these people do not need to be in costume).  


WE will need your help to pull this all together. If anyone has an old church pew that we can use please let a member of the planning committee know. You can also contact the church office by email at zionlafayette@gmail.com or by phone at 419-649-7071 option #3. We will also need folks to help decorate the float. Times and places that all this will be happening will be announced in the next couple of weeks.