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GriefShare Ministry

There are currently no GriefShare Support Meetings. Please check back on this page for future updates. 

Zion is currently hosting a grief support group led by Steve Maki that will be held in the fellowship hall.  The program being used is called GriefShare, which is a biblical, Christ-centered, video-based grief support group ministry.  It helps people grieving a loved one’s death (spouse, child, family member, or friend).  It is designed to reach and help people inside and outside the host church.  It empowers our church to minister to multiple bereaved people at the same time.  It leads to healing and hope.  Participants will be provided with videos, group discussion guides, and workbooks for daily Bible study.  

Since 1996 the GriefShare program has equipped more than 15,000 churches worldwide.  The program is non-denominational and features biblical concepts for healing from your grief.  The materials feature forty-six leading Christian experts on grief recovery topics.

Each session consists of thirteen weekly meetings.

At each weekly meeting, first, the group views a video about grief issues featuring leading Christian grief recovery experts and the stories of people who have healed from the death of a loved one.  

After the video participants discuss what they’ve seen.  They also share the challenges they are facing and the victories they are experiencing.  Sharing is optional and no one is required to talk.  

Each participant will receive a workbook.  Its daily Bible study helps them discover what God says about their situation.  During group discussion participants are encouraged to share what they are learning from their Bible study.

One of the thirteen topics is covered at each of the thirteen weekly meetings.  The GriefShare topics are:

1.    Is This Normal?
2.    Challenges of Grief
3.    The Journey of Grief – Part One
4.    The Journey of Grief – Part Two
5.    Grief and Your Relationships
6.    Why?
7.    Guilt and Anger
8.    Complicating Factors
9.    Stuck
10.    Lessons of Grief – Part One
11.    Lessons of Grief – Part Two
12.    Heaven
13.    What Do I Live for Now?

The second thirteen-week session of the GriefShare Support Group will start on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 and run through Wednesday, November 16, 2022.  The meeting will start at 6:30 pm and will run for approximately two hours.  You are welcome to begin attending our GriefShare group at any point.  Each session is self-contained, so you do not have to attend in sequence.  You will be able to pick up any sessions you missed in our next 13-week cycle.

Please contact the Zion church office at 419-649-3931 or for additional information. 

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