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Starting in December 2022 Zion will be transitioning to a new mobile text message alert system. If you signed up under the old system, your cellular phone number will be automatically transferred to the new system with no interaction on your end. 

If you signed up to receive email alerts under the old system, you will not receive those anymore. The new system only allows the use of phone numbers that can accept text messages. 

The reason that Zion is transitioning to a new alert system is because the current system uses a phone number called a "short code" that sends messages out to your device. A short code, or an SMS short code, is an abbreviated phone number that is 5 or 6 digits in length that does not look like a standard phone number. The price of a short code service is skyrocketing in price which is the reason Zion is changing providers.

Under the new system, you will receive text messages from a phone number that looks like any old regular number. These phone numbers have greater availability and cost much less overall. The number you will receive Zion text messages from is 855-660-2508 and we recommend saving this number as a contact in your phone called Zion Alerts or something similar that will help you recognize us.

If you landed on this page because you are signed up for Lafayette Community Vacation Bible School text messages, please be aware that the above information also applies to this new system. The Lafayette Community VBS alerts were all under the same company and same account and this means the information will be transferred to the new text message alert system. All of the VBS alerts will come from the same phone number listed above.

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